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We're always looking for Crayfishermen who can supply us with American Signal Crayfish on a regular basis.

Best prices paid... and we accept Crayfish all year round.

The Crayfish Company was founded in 2009, initially supplying the UK catering industry with live American Signal Crayfish.

From the start we wanted to be the best Crayfish company in Britain - quality and service is the foundation of our success.

Every day we still endeavour to be the best

  • The best wholesaler of Crayfish
  • The best international supplier of Crayfish
  • The best buyer of Crayfish from Crayfishermen
  • Provide the best traps for Crayfishermen - amateur or pro

In 2010 we expanded into Europe, supplying wholesalers in France, Holland and Germany as well as supplying Crayfish to more and more restaurants in Britain. In Autumn 2010 we made our first aquisition - purchasing a Crayfish Farm in Poland allowing us to harvest Crayfish from its pristine waters.

cotswold crayfish lobster packagingIn 2011 a partnership with a leading Swedish wholesaler resulted in the development of our state of the art Crayfish processing facility in the heart of the Cotswolds.

This pioneering high tech Crayfish facility employs up to a dozen people in peak season and allows us to process a full range of Crayfish products with market leading Quality Control.

salsa standard logoIn 2012 we opened a fresh water storage/purging depot providing greater crayfish storage and grading facilities - again contributing to ever better quality.

tahoe lobster logoIn 2014 we merged with the leading American Crayfish company - the Tahoe Lobster Company which gave us the ability to ship Crayfish via air freight to Europe and China directly from San Francisco.

Shellfish association logoIn 2015 we started working with Europe's largest sustainable Shellfish company to distribute a full range of great tasting freshly cooked long-life shellfish products to supermarkets in the UK and Europe.

2016 Given recent European regulation changes, EC1143/2014 we extended our range to include:

  • Astacus leptodactylus
  • Astacus Astacus
  • Pacifastacus leniusculus
All supplied throughout the UK and Europe - live or cooked.


Crayfish Processing

State of the art Crayfish Processing by our sister company - The Cotswold Crayfish Company.

pristine lake

Investing in Lakes

Wild Signal Crayfish caught in pristine waters throughout the UK.

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Crayfish Delivered
to Your Door

Local deliveries, within 30 miles of Newbury, by our refrigerated fleet.


Crayfish Delivered
to Your Country

Any time, any place, any where.